Last week was my first week at my new job at Xpirit. I joined Xpirit on april 1st to become a Lead Consultant focussing on Mobile technology. Xpirit is a new company that started about 1.5 years ago by a small group of rockstars from the Dutch .Net community such as Marcel de Vries (CTO Xpirit), Alex Thissen (Lead Consultant Cloud), Roy Cornelissen (Lead Consultant Mobility) and  Pascal Greuter (Managing Director & Sales). In the past 1.5 years even more rockstars joined such as Rene van Osnabrugge (Lead Consultant ALM) and my former Avanade colleague Jesse Houwing (Lead Consultant ALM). Xpirit has knowledge on the full Microsoft development stack and has 3 main focus areas: Cloud, ALM & Mobile.

Avanade Xpirit

I was asked to join Xpirit a few months back and I was honoured to be be chosen to work with these great guys and to help grow this company into becoming even more of an authority in the Cloud, ALM & Mobile space.  It was hard for me to leave Avanade though, a company where i started 8.5 years ago as a junior consultant working mostly on web technology in Asp.Net & C#. At Avanade i was able to grow my career and switch to Mobile application development as this emerged over the last years up to becoming the Mobile capability lead at Avanade Netherlands which was my final role before I left. I’m really thankful to Avanade of all the opportunities they gave me to grow as a consultant, developer but also as a person.

A special shoutout to a couple of guys at Avanade who i’ve worked with for a long time at Avanade and made my stay there really awesome. Tijmen van de Kamp, my manager and my peers: Sander Schutten, Rob Bakkers, Christiaan Veeningen & Albert Sluijter

The time to join Xpirit seems perfect looking at all the new announcements regarding Xamarin joining Microsoft (Everyone get’s a Xamarin) and all the momentum around Mobile technology and Xamarin in specific. Together with Roy Cornelissen i’ll helping our customers with everything related to Mobile technology such as Xamarin but also mobile devops & mobile ALM.

The first week was awesome and besides meeting all my colleagues (easier with 12 colleagues in our technical team  compared to 350 of Avanade in the Netherlands 😉 ) i’ve already met new exiting clients and prospects so i’m really exited about my future at Xpirit.

I’m also really exited about all the things Xpirit does for the developer community and am really glad i can be a part of this such as speaking at events, meetups, writing blogposts or publishing articles.  Regarding articles: check out the Xpirit magazine that was just released. You can download a PDF or order a free hardcopy to read at home. This magazine doesn’t contain an article by my hand yet since it was already finished before i joined but i hope to be part of the next one coming in a couple of months.

Xpirit magazine

By the way, Xpirit is still looking for other rockstars from the Microsoft community to join Xpirit. Are you an authority in Cloud, ALM or Mobile reach out to me so i can get you into contact with the right persons.