In my last blogposts that  showed a tutorial on how to do automated builds in VSTS and continuous deployments to Hockeyapp. For UWP the support wasn’t that good and we couldn’t use the Hockeyapp Build steps from VSTS because Hockeyapp could not handle zip files containing the files from your app package such as the appx or appxbundle file, the powershell install script etc. I made a workaround using powershell but that is not needed anymore because the Hockeyapp team made some changes to the Hockeyapp build step.

This has changed last week although it wasn’t announced anywhere. I asked the question on the Hockeyapp slack group when the Hockeyapp team would implement this feature and they told me they just did it before the Microsoft Build conference started.

So if you’ve used my Powershell script before to publish your app to Hockeyapp you can now change it back to the  Hockeyapp build step and leave the rest of the steps the same. the zip file should contain all your files from the AppPackages folder. I’ve also updated the tutorial post for anyone who’s using it in the future to use the correct way right away.


Hockey app UWP deployment

If there is an .appxsym file in the zip file as well the symbols will also be used within Hockeyapp.

I’m really glad that UWP apps are on the same level of maturity again as Android and iOS apps are regarding Continuous deployments in Hockeyapp.

The Hockeyapp team also announced in the public Hockeyapp Slack group that they are working with the Windows product team to improve installation of apps so more to come in the future. I can’t wait!

Happy Coding!

Geert van der Cruijsen

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